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Automate product recommendations with Smart Copy by Unbounce

Smart Copy by Unbounce revolutionizes how you approach writing high-quality content for your marketing needs. The tool's AI-driven capabilities ensure tailored content, fitting precisely with your brand's voice and style, automates product recommendations, and significantly speeds up the content creation process. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the workload, allowing you to focus on strategy and growth. With Smart Copy, instantly generate engaging product descriptions, catchy taglines, and effective social media posts that elevate your brand's presence and customer engagement.

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Automate Product Recommendations with Smart Copy by Unbounce

Automate Product Recommendations with Smart Copy by Unbounce

Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting assistant tool provided by Unbounce that simplifies the process of generating high-quality content for marketers and writers. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to learn the tone, style, and voice of the user, and recommends detailed copies, including product descriptions, taglines, and social media posts. With Smart Copy, you can automate product recommendations and save time and reduce workload by utilizing its features such as content templates, expander, and remix.

How to Use Smart Copy for Product Recommendations

Smart Copy is available in various plans, including a free plan and paid plans starting at €9 EUR per month. The free plan allows users to generate content for one project, while the paid plans provide additional credits and features. You can follow these steps to start using Smart Copy for your product recommendations:

  1. Create an account on Smart Copy by Unbounce and pick a plan that suits your needs.
  2. Choose a content template that fits your product description or recommendation.
  3. Enter your brand name, product name, and any other necessary details in the form provided.
  4. Click “Generate” to let Smart Copy create the product description or recommendation for you.
  5. Edit the generated copy if necessary and use it on your e-commerce site or social media platforms.

Real-World Examples of Smart Copy in Action

Let’s explore a real-world scenario of how Smart Copy can help automate product recommendations for an e-commerce site that sells sustainable fashion accessories.

Example 1: Content Templates

Suppose you need to create a product description for your brand’s new eco-friendly handbag. You can use Smart Copy’s content templates to generate a detailed and engaging description with just a few clicks.

  • Launch Smart Copy and select the “Product Descriptions” template.
  • Enter your brand name, product name, and relevant keywords such as “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” and “handbag” in the form provided.
  • Smart Copy will generate a unique product description, which you can use on your e-commerce site or social media platforms.

Example 2: Expander and Remix

Suppose you want to create a catchy tagline for your new handbag collection. You can use Smart Copy’s expander and remix features to generate multiple options and pick the best one.

  • Launch Smart Copy and select the “Taglines” category.
  • Enter your brand name and product information in the form provided.
  • Click “Expand” to generate more similar taglines.
  • Click “Remix” to combine different taglines and generate new variations.
  • Pick the best option for your product tagline.

Integrating Smart Copy with Shopify for E-commerce

To update your product recommendations on your e-commerce site, you can integrate Smart Copy with Shopify, an
e-commerce platform that enables you to sell products online.

  1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to the “Admin” panel.
  2. Click on “Apps” and then “Manage private apps.”
  3. Create a new private app for Smart Copy by providing a name, emergency developer email, and password.
  4. Grant the necessary permissions for the Smart Copy private app.
  5. Copy the API key and password for the private app.
  6. Log in to your Smart Copy account and go to the “Integrations” page.
  7. Click on “Shopify” and paste the API key and password you copied from Shopify.
  8. Authorize the integration between Smart Copy and Shopify.

With the integration, you can directly import product information from Shopify and use Smart Copy to generate product descriptions and recommendations for your online store.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Automating product recommendations with Smart Copy can save you time and reduce your workload when creating high-quality content for your e-commerce site or marketing campaigns.
  • The AI capabilities of Smart Copy can provide personalized content suggestions tailored to your brand style and tone, improving engagement and conversions.
  • Integrating Smart Copy with Shopify can streamline the content generation process and make it easier to update your product recommendations.

By incorporating Smart Copy and Shopify in your workflow, you can focus on growing your e-commerce business and delivering an exceptional customer experience.


frequently asked questions

Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting assistant tool provided by Unbounce that simplifies the process of generating high-quality content. It uses machine learning algorithms to learn the user's tone, style, and voice, recommending detailed copies like product descriptions, taglines, and social media posts.

Smart Copy users can automate product recommendations by following steps such as creating an account, choosing a content template, entering necessary details like brand and product information, generating the content, editing if required, and using it on e-commerce sites or social media platforms.

Real-world examples of using Smart Copy include creating product descriptions for eco-friendly handbags using content templates and generating catchy taglines for new handbag collections using the expander and remix features. These automated options can be utilized on e-commerce websites and social media.

To integrate Smart Copy with Shopify for e-commerce, users can log in to Shopify, create a private app for Smart Copy, grant necessary permissions, copy the API key and password, log in to Smart Copy, go to the Integrations page, choose Shopify, paste the API key and password, and authorize the integration. This integration allows direct import of product information for content generation.

Automating product recommendations with Smart Copy and Shopify can save time, reduce workload, provide personalized content suggestions, tailor content to brand style and tone, improve engagement and conversions, streamline the content generation process, and make updating product recommendations easier for online stores.

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