We use artificial intelligence and automation to streamline your processes, connecting your apps and automating tasks. This replaces manual work, improving your team's productivity, quality, speed, and customer experience. Our services are fully customized and done-for-you.


From Manual to Magical
Our AI Automation Process Explained

We explore your business operations to find and remove manual, repetitive, and costly tasks. We ensure that AI and automation are used only where they are truly beneficial, providing practical and effective solutions. Here's how our simple and straightforward four-step process works:

Visualize Your Processes

We'll create a clear visual map of your systems, tasks, and apps, giving you a complete overview.

Automation Opportunities

We'll find the best areas to implement AI and automation, ensuring maximum ROI.

Custom Build and Test Solutions

 we'll build and test tailor-made automation solutions that fit your needs.

Run, Monitor,
and Upgrade

We'll handle the ongoing management of your automation to keep them running smoothly.

Whatever works best for you, we’ve got it covered.
We tailor our communication to fit your preferences, whether it’s through WhatsApp, Slack, email, or even fire signals

Maximize Efficiency with AI Automation

Our clients experience a tenfold increase in employee efficiency by eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks. No matter your industry, our solutions are designed to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

Sales and marketing automation

Content creation, Sales funnel automation, lead Generation, CRM, Cold emailing, payments, contracts and more.

Conversational AI

Transform customer service, sales, chat bots, front-office, and marketing with advanced conversational AI and automated replies.

Datas entries

We automate Woocommerce and shopify data entry, inventory, pillar content, CRM automation, F.A.Q, customer service and more.


AI Content Writer

AI Support Agent

AI Sales Agent


AI Data analyst

Drive Growth with AI Automation

Use human where they are most needed.

Experience the transformative power of AI automation in your business. Whether you're a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or part of a large corporation, AI can revolutionize your workflow.

Imagine reclaiming hours each week as AI takes over repetitive tasks like data entry, scheduling, and customer interactions.

This not only enhances efficiency but also allows you to focus on strategic, high-value activities. Employees feel more fulfilled as they apply their skills to meaningful projects, boosting job satisfaction and overall productivity.

AI automation is your gateway to a more streamlined, effective, and innovative business.

AI Automation in application

AI Automation Examples

Real case examples are the best way to see the power of AI automation in action.

Learn how to create an intelligent contact form automation system using, OpenAI, and ClickUp. Streamline customer inquiries, filter spam, and generate smart responses with AI. Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their customer service efficiency.
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Discover how GetGenie AI enhances online shopping by providing personalized product recommendations on Shopify. Learn about the benefits and integration steps for optimizing e-commerce strategies.
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Discover how integrating, Zendesk, and Slack enhances customer support through AI-driven ticketing. Learn from real-world examples how to streamline operations and boost customer satisfaction.
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Discover how UBOS, OpenAI, and Shopify are transforming e-commerce with AI-powered product categorization. Enhance user experience and streamline your operations with no-code solutions.
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Discover how to elevate your email marketing using CopyMonkey, Mailchimp, and Zapier for personalized content, automation, and increased ROI. Learn the benefits and ethical practices of AI in email campaigns.
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Explore proven AI-driven customer retention strategies including predictive analytics, hyper-personalization, and dynamic pricing. Learn from real-world examples and see how AI can optimize your customer relationships.
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Discover how enhances product reviews and SEO using AI and computer vision. Learn integration steps with WordPress and WooCommerce for better accessibility and user experience.
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Explore how AI tools like GPT AI Power, AWS Lambda, and Shopify revolutionize retail by providing personalized product suggestions, improving customer engagement and increasing sales. Learn about the integration and benefits in our detailed case study.
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Explore best practices for automating subscription renewal reminders using Google Sheets, Zapier, and Mailchimp to reduce churn and enhance revenue predictability. Learn effective strategies from real-world case studies.
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Discover how AI-driven customer feedback analysis can transform your business operations, from enhancing customer satisfaction to streamlining data analysis. Learn best practices, real-world examples, and essential tools for success.
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Since the beginning of my top-rated Freelancer career on Upwork, I’ve been assisting businesses in automating their operations, even before AI became prevalent.

Although our capabilities were limited then, today, my team and I are fully dedicated to creating AI automation solutions that revolutionize the daily operations of business owners.

Eric G.

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My first meeting with Eric was truly outstanding! He demonstrated a high level of thoroughness, arriving fully prepared with a comprehensive plan and a wealth of ideas to contribute. I am eagerly anticipating the ongoing collaboration as we work together on this project

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